Hi I am Adria!

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Allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Adria Schmedthorst, a dedicated mother, loving wife, serial entrepreneur, enthusiastic gardener, and herb enthusiast.

Like many of you, my life is a beautiful whirlwind…

My world revolves around my two children, my supportive husband, our charming 9-pound Maltese named Buddy (who occasionally finds himself in a flower crown thanks to the kids), our extended family, work, chores, and squeezing in as much nature and fun as possible.

This is Buddy and yes, the kids love to dress him up. I think it’s hilarious too and he’s a really good sport :).

Dog Pet Buddy

Balancing family, passion, and work has always been my goal. From tending to my home garden to sharing insights on herbs and indoor plants, I’ve managed to generate a full-time income without leaving the comfort of my green sanctuary, ensuring precious moments with my children.

The Roots of My Journey

High school is where my journey with Mark, my husband, began. Fast forward, and our bond remains as strong as a well-rooted tree, flourishing over 20 years.

After our college days and adopting our eldest, we both felt an innate desire to create a world where we could be closer to home, and nature. Now, our family has grown with the addition of our younger daughter, and together, we’ve ventured into various businesses, with gardening and herbology at the heart.

Two Daughters and Family of Adria

Blooming Forward

With “Garden Grace & Growth”, I’m intertwining my profound love for family, the art of gardening, and the magic of herbs. I invite you to grow with us on this journey.

Petals of My Personality:

  • Favorite Movie: “The Secret Garden” – A childhood classic that still resonates with me.
  • Favorite Dish: Fresh herb-infused salads – A nod to my Texan roots and my love for gardening.
  • Guilty Pleasure: Lavender-infused lemonade – Refreshing and a treat for the senses.
  • Sport: Does pruning count?
  • Song Playlist: Enya, Loreena McKennitt, Simon & Garfunkel – Songs that harmonize with nature.
  • Activity: Tending to my indoor plants and herb garden.
  • Dream Vacation: A tranquil cottage garden escape. Just imagine a serene setting, me with my gardening gloves, amidst blooming flowers.

Little-known Green Tidbits About Me:

I can name every herb by just its scent! I cherish early mornings in my greenhouse, it’s my daily meditation. Bonsais fascinate me, and I’ve been nurturing one for years. Our eldest daughter was inspired to start her mini herb garden.

I’ve battled allergies all my life, but with the right herbs, I’ve found relief. Competitive gardening? Yes, I’ve tried that, and I might have a few ribbons to show. I have a sister, who, much to my delight, stays just 10 minutes away and shares my love for plants.

Cooking isn’t my forte, but I sure know how to garnish a dish with the right herbs! For a decade, I hosted local gardening workshops, sharing my passion and knowledge. My two daughters are the blooms of my life, brightening every day. I secretly wish I could transform my entire house into a greenhouse.

I’m an avid reader, often diving into botanical books. While I love the scent of coconuts, eating them is another story.

Dig Deeper

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Above all, thank you for joining me in this green space of the internet. Let’s connect further on Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter. Till our next garden chat!

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